proactive information security initiative

The InteProIQ Training Solution Suite addresses the human factor; providing information security best practices focused on developing a more secure business environment. Respecting the need for flexibility, the entire training suite delivery is cloud based, browser accessible, device agnostic, bookmark enabled and with 24/7 accessibility. There is nothing to download or import into an organization’s technical environment.


The InteProIQ Solution Suite

Information Security Training Program: 12 course curriculum

Information Security Training Program

This 12 course curriculum provides a full inventory of information security best practices as well as identifying malicious act techniques. Each course targets a specific information security facet.
Insider Threat Awareness Training: Management - 1 course training

Insider Threat Awareness Training: Management

The single course addresses the unique roles and responsibilities of management: identifying risk-based mindsets, behaviors and activities, plus effective procedural and technological protective measures to mitigate an insider threat.

WISP Compliance

Written Information Security Program (more commonly referred to as a WISP) is the foundation supporting information security standards. Research supports that by consistently demonstrating an ongoing information security standards program the risk of a data breach is significantly reduced.
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5 Requirements of a WISP

  1. Training: verifiable and on-going information security training
  2. Risk Assessment: on-going reassessments
  3. Written Policies: updated and maintained
  4. Designate employee as WISP coordinator
  5. Service Provider/Supply Chain: contractually required to maintain a WISP