Information Security Training Program


The InteProIQ Information Security Training Program provides verifiable training that delivers a full inventory of information security best practices as well as identifies malicious act techniques. The complete program includes twelve courses of training, final exam, certificate of completion and evaluation.

Value Propositions
Providing comprehensive information security training increases employee awareness and vigilance toward accidental or intentional security events. Changing employee behavior decreases accidental internal and intentional external malicious security events. Verifiable training complies with increasing governance statutes, laws, mandates and regulations.

This 12 course curriculum provides a full inventory of information security best practices as well as identifies malicious act techniques. Each course targets a specific information security facet. Administrative Access provides progress tracking and completion status for each learner.

Course Topics
1. Information Security Training Program
2. Private Data Training
3. Appropriate Use Security Training
4. Computer Security Training
5. Portable Device Security Training
6. Wireless and Remote Connectivity Training
7. File Sharing and Transport Training
8. Strong Password Security
9. Email Security Training
10. Premises & Social Engineering Security Training
11. Malware and Viruses Training
12. Security Incident Response Training

Course Highlights
• Completion time is about 2.5 hours.
• This is NOT a timed training.
• You can start/stop at your convenience AND automatically return to where you left off.
• Coffee breaks are respected and appreciated.
• You can access your training from different devices: laptop, tablet or smartphone.
• Browser accessible: Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome, Windows® Internet Explorer®, and Apple® Safari®.

Verifiable Final Exam
• You can take the exam only AFTER viewing all the training courses.
• The exam must be completed in one sitting. Sorry, no start/stop option available.
• Passing the exam requires a score of 75% or better.