Written Policies

The purpose for creating an internal control system through defining and documenting processes with well-written policies boils down to a few very basic reasons: compliance, operational needs, managing risks and continuous improvement.

With Cyber Offense 360 Training, you also receive the InteProIQ Written Policies. This resource is fully customizable, developed and written specifically for the small and medium-sized business, and supports Written Information Security Program (WISP) compliance. You can utilize the complete set of policies or merge them into your existing employee guidelines. Each policy includes status parameters, policy details, roles and responsibilities identification, and compliance requirements.

WISP Compliance

Written Information Security Program (more commonly referred to as a WISP) is the foundation supporting information security standards. Research supports that by consistently demonstrating an ongoing information security standards program the risk of a data breach is significantly reduced.
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5 Requirements of a WISP

  1. Training: verifiable and on-going information security training
  2. Risk Assessment: on-going reassessments
  3. Written Policies: updated and maintained
  4. Designate employee as WISP coordinator
  5. Service Provider/Supply Chain: contractually required to maintain a WISP